Diversity Awareness Quizzes

Diversity Awareness Quizzes (Paul Gorski)

Are you being fooled? I designed the Awareness Quizzes to challenge some of the false information floating around about difference and equity in the United States and the world.

Equity and Diversity Awareness Quiz (2017)
Downloadable Version of the Quiz in PDF Format
Downloadable ANSWER KEY in PDF Format.
Learn how to use the Equity and Diversity Awareness Quiz in a class or workshop.

Classism and Poverty Awareness Quiz (2013)
Downloadable Version of the Class and Poverty Quiz
Downloadable ANSWER KEY in PDF Format.

Who Said It?: A Re-Perception Quiz (2013)
This quiz contains quotations related to equity, diversity, and social justice. Quiz takers try to guess who, among the multiple choice options, uttered the words. Be prepared for suprises.
Downloadable Version of the Who Said It? Quiz in PDF Format
Downloadable ANSWER KEY in PDF Format.

Digital Sexism Quiz (2009)
Downloadable Version of the Digital Sexism Quiz in PDF Format
Downloadable ANSWER KEY in PDF Format.