Final Deadline and Exam/Writing Portfolio

M December 4

Essay 4RW DUE


All initial essay submissions of E.1, E.2, E.3, E.4 and at least one RW of all four essays as well as conferences.

Exam Dates

FYW-1259-01 — Furman Hall 121, 9:30-10:20 MWF

W December 13 8:30-11:00 AM

FYW-1259-02 — Furman Hall 119, 12:30-1:20 MWF

Th December 07 12:00-2:30 PM (Final Writing Portfolio DUE December 13)

Exam Portfolio

Resubmit all REFLECTIONS (1-15) on exam date noted above. You may include any other artifacts of work throughout the semester to support the grade you deserve in the course.

Final Writing Portfolio

Due date for both sections is December 13 (Wed) by 11 am.

Submit the following through email attachments:

  • Final drafts of E.1, E.2, E.3, and E.4 as email attachments; be sure to submit CLEAN files (no track changes or comments visible).
  • Label files with your last name, essay number, “final,” and the date of submission, such as Thomas.E1final.121615.docx
  • Attach also a reflection (1-2 pages) on what you have learned as a writer and what you see as the key weaknesses you need to continue to address. Label the file your last name and final reflection, such as Thomas.finalreflection.docx
  • In the body of the email, RANK your four essays from the best to the weakest.

URGENT: Reminder

Minimum Requirements for course credit:

  • Submit all essays in MULTIPLE DRAFTS per schedule before the last day of the course; initial drafts and subsequent drafts should be submitted with great care, as if each is the final submission, but students are expected to participate in process writing throughout the entire semester as a minimum requirement of this course—including a minimum of ONE conference per major essay.
  • Demonstrate adequate understanding of proper documentation and citation of sources through a single well-cited essay or several well-cited essays. A cited essay MUST be included in your final portfolio.

Final Grade Sheet—FYW 1259 (Fall 2017)/Thomas

EDU111.FinalGr.FYW F17 copy