Too Tired to Go to Heaven?, Aaron Simmons 

Too Tired to Go to Heaven?, Aaron Simmons


Seeing Whiteness in Our Stories: A Fresh Look at Race in America

The Office of the Chaplain is bringing John Biewen of the podcast series “Seeing White” from the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies for a lecture and media event on September 28 at 7pm. The title of his talk will be “Seeing Whiteness in Our Stories: A Fresh Look at Race in America.”

Based on your interests and the classes you teach, we wanted to bring this to your attention, as well as ask your help in advertising to your students. We are considering asking John to dinner, and would love your input on names of students who would most benefit from extended time with an audio documentarian who focuses on whiteness and race.

For the lecture, he’ll be exploring the origins of our modern day notions of race particularly from the perspective of the stories of our whiteness—their origins, purposes, and implications. Whereas explorations of race in America often focus on people of color, perhaps it is in exploring the lens of whiteness that Americans better understand our stories and history as well as current events. “Whiteness, and white supremacy, are the water we swim in as Americans…I invite our listeners to come on a journey with me, to try, together, to get better at seeing the water.” Using his insights and skills as an audio documentarian along with expert pieces from the podcast, Biewen will gear the talk toward students who may or may not have engaged with these ideas of race before—conducting a sort of primer for students around sociocultural constructions of race.